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Printing Machine

A.L. / Sales Director / International Printing Company

'We have had excellent service from Golding McEvoy, it is good to have a personal touch from them compared with many businesses these days currently only operating on an ‘email only’ relationship. They have offered sound advice on our credit applications and ongoing advice is available, such as explaining Govt. support for the industry due to Covid. They have provided us with a good overview of the insurance market to help us make decisions.

Golding McEvoy have made it easier for our other overseas offices in Australia and the US to use our UK office as the hub for their credit insurance decisions. The credit decisions are made within hours, or days, compared to other credit insurers who can take up to two weeks at best. This has allowed the US office to open up new business in a difficult trading environment.'

Waiting Area

S.S. / Managing Director / IT & Finance Recruitment Agency

'Golding McEvoy have always responded quickly and professionally to all of our needs. But more than that the service we receive always feels personal. They are always extremely helpful and do more to help than a broker we used previously.

They have made it easy for us to do our job, which is all we ask of our broker. We get decisions quickly, and always with a full and clear explanation behind those decisions. A quick response, and indeed a fully informed response, is exactly what we need.

We are pleased we made the decision to use Golding McEvoy as our broker. They have always delivered for us and they will for you too!'

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