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A charity personally close to our hearts, we are delighted to be supporting the magnificent work Dogs for Autism does for the autistic community.


The more we learn about autism the more we understand how isolating the condition can be both for individuals and families.


Autism assistance dogs support people in a variety of ways but are there to empower people to realise their individual potential and gain independence, in just the same way as a guide dog might for a blind person. Dogs for Autism aims to become for the autistic community what Guide Dogs are for the visually impaired.


There is no charge for a DfA dog, but each one costs £20,000 to train and maintain throughout its working life. There is no ceiling to the number of dogs they can train and provide, and the demand is huge, this year they will train 8 – 10 new dogs, but they need to be training 80-100 per year to begin to help all those who are waiting for a dog.


Support Dave's 25,000 steps a day, every day, in March 2022 challenge!

This March Dave McEvoy will be raising money for Dogs for Autism by walking a minimum of 25,000 steps a day, which will be a minimum of 775,000 steps in a month. 

We would be incredibly grateful if you'd like to support the cause by sponsoring Dave via the link below.


Zana’s Mum says, "Luna is a loyal, non-judgmental and attentive bundle of tail-wagging joy- the definition of a positive companion and true friend. Zana has multiple disabilities which mean that she struggles to make connections and communicate. Since Luna has entered our lives Zana dances with delight when she is told Luna is coming to visit and has learned her second word which aptly is ‘Luna’."

Arthur Lewis1.jpg


Claire, Lewis’s Mum says, "Arthur is a calming influence on the whole household, he knows where he is
needed for reassurance or grounding and is a fabulous anchor for Lewis when accessing events in
the community."


"Lilly has given me a reason to carry on living. The best part about having Lilly is I feel like I have a
real friend for life. I used to feel really alone to a point where going into uni became difficult for me.
But having Lilly come in with me has given me the confidence to able to attend and participate in lectures and seminars and interact with the
other people on my course. She is also able to keep me calm when I'm not in a good mood or if I'm late or
if someone is sat in my normal space. Where I would not go in or leave the room, Lilly has helped me
to stay focussed and reassure me that everything is OK."

Willow and Rosie.jpeg


"Willow has been doing a great job of looking after Rosie during these uncertain times, in fact I think she is looking after us all."

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